Message from the President

Leading the Fabrication Division of YAMCO Group

As a highly sophisticated metal fabricator, Kusuda Kinzoku is an advisor to the fabrication division of the YAMCO Group, which comprises Yamashin Industry, a stainless steel and special steel specialist, and manufacturers Yamashin Steel and Kusuda Kinzoku.
The three most important attributes of a metal fabricator are fabrication technology, the ability to provide solutions, and trust from customers. Our sales and marketing policy is to build trust-based relationships with a constant focus on advanced technical capabilities. These relationships help our sales and manufacturing representatives improve their expertise and provide better solutions to customers’ problems.
Based on our cutting-edge equipment and craftsmanship, we will continue to offer customers a full range of services, from metal fabrication technology to surface finishing through collaboration with partner companies. Through participation in development of new products, we believe that further improvement in fabrication technology and advanced knowledge will have a significant synergistic impact among the group companies.
Our efforts to provide products in a wide range of fields have resulted in higher sales. Extensive involvement in a wide variety of metal products, mainly related to bicycles, automotives, filters, and housing, has allowed us to participate in the creation of products that are indispensable parts of the future.
As the leading fabrication division of YAMCO Group, Kusuda Kinzoku will continue to take on the challenge of manufacturing parts for all industries.

Eiji Yamauchi President & CEO
Kusuda Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Kusuda Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Main Plant (Floor area: 1,818 m2, Property area: 992 m2)

1-68-1 Minamikinomoto, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042 Japan

Phone: +81-72-924-1336
Fax: +81-72-996-1199

No. 2 Plant (Floor area: 893 m2, Property area: 1,488 m2)

1-70-1 Minamikinomoto, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042 Japan
September 1953
¥10 million
Eiji Yamauchi, President & CEO
Number of employees
Lines of business

Bicycle parts
Brakes, brake lever handles, derailleurs, gear parts

Filter parts
Frames, internal parts

Lock parts
Parts for residential locks

Automotive parts (for export)
Engine covers, air cleaner cover parts

Major customers
Shimano Inc.
Cambridge Filter Corporation
GOAL Co., Ltd.
Kubota Corporation
Main banking relationships
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Uemachi Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Senba Branch
Eiwa Shinkin Bank, Yao Minami Branch


Main Plant

1-68-1 Minamikinomoto, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042 Japan

Phone: +81-72-924-1336Fax: +81-72-996-1199

No. 2 Plant

1-70-1 Minamikinomoto, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042 Japan


  • 1926

    1926Established Kusuda Kinzoku Kogyosho in Andojimachi, Minami Ward, Osaka

  • 1953

    September 1953Established Kusuda Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

  • 1983

    May 1983Added the Yuge Plant

  • 1988

    June 1988Relocated the Head Office and Main Plant to the present location

  • 1997

    July 1997Relocated the Yuge Plant to the present location of the No. 2 Plant

  • 2010

    April 2010Yamashin Industry Co., Inc. acquired a 100% stake in Kusuda Kinzoku Co., Ltd., took over the business, and remains in control today


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