About Us

Kusuda Kinzoku is a metal fabricator equipped with advanced manufacturing technology and cutting-edge facilities.

Our integrated production system—which includes pressing and sheet processing—allows us to supply our customers with fabricated stainless steel, iron, aluminium, and other metals.
With our lineup of the latest machines and equipment, major companies in the bicycle, semiconductor, electronic equipment, and many other industries trust us to supply them directly.
We also work with the younger generation to continue honing the techniques we have cultivated over seven-plus decades.
Together with Yamashin Industry and Yamashin Steel, we form the YAMCO Group, an organization with a global reach.

Our Feature


We contribute to a wide range of fields that manufacture state-of-the-art products.

Companies that manufacture bicycles, filters for semiconductor manufacturing, and other cutting-edge products require complex shapes and precision in the materials they use. Kusuda Kinzoku has the advanced technology and facilities to answer the call.


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