Quality Management

We implement rigorous quality control as a historic and trusted metal fabricator.

Much of our dealings with the top bicycle parts manufacturers in Japan and other major companies are direct and involve complicated shapes. Therefore, we incorporate the latest machines into our rigorous quality control system.

Measuring Instruments

We use image measuring instruments and other measuring instruments along with drawings from customers and information about their needs to measure the dimensions of products and parts.

Main equipment

Production Control System

We deploy a production control system designed especially for metalworking. Our integrated system makes it possible to centrally control incoming and outgoing orders, the products themselves, and shipping and sales. We are positioned to create leaner production plans from the moment materials enter our plants until they exit as products and parts, helping us streamline operations.

Image illustrating integration from incoming orders to sales

ISO Certification

To reliably deliver high-added-value products that meet our customers’ needs, we acquired ISO 9001 certification, proving that our quality management system satisfies the international standard. We aim for continuous improvement to provide the quality, timely deliveries, and services our customers demand.

ISO 9001

Certified operator
Kusuda Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
Head Office
1-68-1 Minamikinomoto, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042 Japan

Phone: +81-72-924-1336
Fax: +81-72-996-1199
ISO 9001: 2015/JIS Q 9001: 2015
Certificate number
Date of certification
September 19, 2022
Certifying agency
Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Certified activities
Metalworking to create parts
Quality policy
  1. We expend every effort to deliver products that satisfy our customers’ requirements to help them achieve lasting prosperity.
  2. We try our utmost to improve quality so that we can manufacture excellent products, and constantly strive to effectively improve the mechanisms of our quality system.


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