Kusuda Kinzoku materials are used in state-of-the-art products around the world.

Our materials can be found everywhere from hybrid bicycle parts to the clean rooms used to manufacture semiconductors. The high-quality materials we manufacture are used around the world. Everyone in every industry needs complex shapes with high precision. Meeting these demanding requirements is where our advanced technology shines.

Bicycle Industry

We deal directly with the top Japanese bicycle parts manufacturers on the strength of trust-based relationships dating back more than 30 years. They trust us to manufacture the brakes, pedals, brake levers, and other critical parts for their high-end hybrid, mountain, and road bikes. We answer their call to produce the most complex, intricate shapes.

We also manufacture components for companies in the sports industry, including racing boat parts and snowboard bindings.

Filter Industry (mainly for manufacturers involved in semiconductor manufacturing)

We manufacture parts for the air filters and clean equipment used in the clean rooms of semiconductor and electronic equipment manufacturing plants.
We also make parts for industrial filters for oil mist separators and other equipment to conserve the environments in plants with industrial machinery. Our meticulous control systems and advanced techniques perfected over decades support manufacturers of state-of-the-art products.

Lock Industry

We manufacture everything from the internal lock parts to the levers, handles, and other exterior parts of doors for homes and offices, hotels, and other facilities. We use many fabrication methods to fashion these products, including pressing, laser cutting, and conventional cutting. We also assemble and package some of the parts we manufacture to create a one-stop service.

Automotive Industry

We manufacture parts for automotive engine air filters for North American manufacturers. With high-quality plating, we meet the appearance requirements for high-end components.


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