Technology & Facility

Providing advanced product fabrication with an extensive stockpile of the latest machines and equipment at two plants.

Our Main Plant and No. 2 Plant feature a careful selection of the best machines and equipment for pressing and sheet processing of various metals. Continue reading to learn more!

Main Plant

Our lineup of the latest servo presses, hydraulic presses, image measuring instruments, and other equipment allows us to meet our customers’ most technically demanding needs.

Main equipment

Direct servo former

A machine that improves production efficiency by enhancing the precision of pressing. The servo motor controls the ram (driving mechanism)—for example driving it into the press at high speeds and slowing it down during pressing—to enable more complex pressing.

Leveler feeder

A peripheral device to presses, comprising roller levelers that straighten plates passed between them and a feeder that ejects the material using the rotational and frictional forces of the rollers.

No. 2 Plant

Our lineup of turret punch presses, press brakes, and other cutting-edge machines allows us to produce complex shapes.

Main equipment

Turret punch press

A machine used to punch holes in metal sheets to produce the desired shapes. Far beyond using a single die, the machine operates via numerical control (NC) that automatically selects from among dozens of square, round, and other dies to create and punch out complex shapes.

Press brake

A machine used to round or bend sheet metal at various angles. Press brakes comprise a bottom die and upper punch. The sheet metal is placed atop the die and shaped when the punch applies pressure from above.

TIG welding

TIG stands for “tungsten inert gas.” TIG welding is the act of creating an arc between a tungsten electrode and the base material to melt the base material to be welded. The process creates no dangerous sparks and results in more aesthetically appealing finishes than fusion welding, and thus is optimal for welding stainless steel.

Equipment at the Main Plant

  Machine name Model Manufacturer
Presses Direct servo former DSF-C1-2000A2 AIDA
Leveler feeder LCC04HF4TAP-EAS AMADA
Direct servo former DSF-C1-2000A2 AIDA
Leveler feeder LCC04HF4TAP-EAS AMADA
Single crank press TP150EX AMADA
Leveler feeder LFD-300V AMADA
Single crank press NS1-1500(1) AIDA
Leveler feeder LCC03KR2TAP-TTS AMADA
Direct servo former NC1-2000(D) AIDA
Leveler feeder LCC04HF4TAX-EAS AMADA
Direct servo former DSF-C1-1100 AIDA
Leveler feeder LCC03KRTAP-TTS AMADA
Single crank press OBS80-3 Komatsu
Single crank press OBS110-3 Komatsu
Leveler feeder L3230 Komatsu
Single crank press OBS60-3 Komatsu
Single crank press OBS110-3 Komatsu
Other equipment and machines
1.8-m lathe LE-2000 Takisawa Machine Tool
Surface grinder PSG-64EN Okamoto
Forming surface grinder GS-BMH F KURODA
Milling machine H&A-1350  
Hardness meter ARK-500 AKASHI
Benchtop drill press B23FC Hitachi Koki
Bandsaw AMO-16  
Image dimension measuring instrument IM8030T KEYENCE

Equipment at the No. 2 Plant

  Machine name Model Manufacturer
Blanking Turret punch press EM 3510-ZRT AMADA
Turret punch press EM 2510-MII AMADA
Fiber laser FLC 3015AJ AMADA
Bending Press brake HG 1303 AMADA
Press brake FαB 2004NT AMADA
Press brake FαB 8025NT AMADA
Press brake RG-50 AMADA
Press brake TruBend 5085 TRUMPF
Presses Single crank press OBS-110-3 Komatsu
Single crank press OBS-45-3 Komatsu
Welding TIG welder YC-300BP4 Panasonic
TIG welder YC-200BL3 Panasonic
Semi-automatic welding machine YD-350RX1 Panasonic
Semi-automatic welding machine YD-350GV4 Panasonic
Semi-automatic welding machine K350 Panasonic
Spot welding machine YR-150 SRF Panasonic
Spot welding machine YR-350 CDS 3T6 Panasonic
Spot welding machine YR-350 SA2 Panasonic
Spot welding machine YR-350 SHA Panasonic
Other Automatic grinder for turret punch dies ID-TOGUII AMADA
Deburring machine ME-2308 S.T-Link
Deburring machine ME-2102 S.T-Link
Corner shear CSW-220 AMADA
Shearing machine M2045 AMADA
Hi-Tap BTI-215 Brother
Hi-Tap BT61-511 Brother


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